Litany impress with colourful new single, ‘Flaws’

Electrifying Alt-Pop duo Litany shock with their colourful new single, ‘Flaws’, a wonderfully retro track with biting lyrics and a pensive soundworld.

 You might have heard quite a bit about Litany already, considering how much noise they’ve made since releasing their trippy debut, ‘Woman’, with Chicago rapper ‘Appleby’ just two years ago. Maybe you’ve tuned in to hear ‘Work It Out’ on BBC Radio 1, 6 Music or Radio X, or maybe you caught them on an episode of Made in Chelsea (if that’s your scene). Whether you’re familiar or not, you’re about to hear a lot more from Litany as they continue to assert themselves on the independent alt-pop scene.

There’s something so wonderfully nostalgic about Pop Music right now. I find most sounds we hear today are more familiar with 80s synthpop artists like Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears. However, booming toms, spiky synth basslines and warm pads are as common as ever in the sound of modern artists such as Wild Beasts, Fickle Friends and The 1975, with whom Litany’s eclectic sound shares a common ground with, though strikingly more distinctive.

11537616_802522153176760_2405150065341523890_o  In ‘Flaws’, Litany mash the old and the new together to deliver a wonderfully refreshing sound, blending fuzzy bass lines, crunching drums with floating, extensive samples that build a pensive sound world nevertheless, particularly the haunting theremin-like vocal sample that drifts across the track.

 Production aside, there’s no doubting the duo’s ability to craft a song- ‘Flaws’ is packed with meticulously crafted hooks that flow naturally across the lifespan of the track, and vocalist Beth Cornell’s lyrics truly capture the fragility felt at the end of the rope.

 Speaking on ‘Flaws’, Litany say; We chose flaws as the first single because we’ve both been through scenarios where you realise the person you live actually damaging you and your self-esteem. It’s an internal monologue accompanied by pitch-bending choirs and it’s perfect as the first taste of our EP.” 

 Be sure to follow up further on Litany when they release their debut EP on June 7th this year.

Listen to ‘Flaws’ here:

Follow Litany online here:

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