Listen to ‘Home’, the debut single from Indie Dreampop artist LELO

LELO debuts with ‘Home’, a captivating new single featuring layers of ambient guitars and drifting lyrics

You would think shimmering guitars and melancholy vocals would be overdone by now, considering the success of Post-Rock artists Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and Sigur Ros, but then a new face enters the scene to provide a refreshing take on the Ambient Rock genre.

 Presenting LELO, the solo project of Ronan Peaker from Leeds, UK. LELO (pronounced lee-low) is self-described as ‘Mellow Alternative Rock’ springing from the confined space of LELO‘s student halls in Leeds. The sound is certainly mellow, and there is a calm to LELO’s bright guitar work akin to his Indie Dreampop contemporaries, namely Real Estate and Horsebeach.water 1

 LELO’s debut ‘Home’ is a fleeting glimpse into a life drifting aimlessly. Ronan reflects on sore feet and tire tracks, painting an image of exhausting disconnection within starry guitars and warm understated vocals. With just one brief verse, LELO allows the music to develop and tell the story in a delightful 3 minutes.

Listen to LELO’s debut single ‘Home’ here:

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