GRACIE delivers a masterclass in Neo-Soul with her debut, ‘Confessions’

‘Confessions’ by GRACIE is both a throwback to the golden age of R’n’B and a masterclass in Neo-Soul

Introducing GRACIE, an exciting Neo-Soul quintet fronted by sophisticated singer-songwriter Grace Convert, hailing from Monaco and now based in London, UK. So far, GRACIE is a seasoned performer, stretching their appearances from The Brooklyn BowlThe Spice of Life in Soho and all the way out to The Wardrobe and The Belgrave in Leeds, sharing the stage with the likes of Jamie Isaac and Alt-Pop artist Natalie McCool.

Right from the get-go on ‘Confessions’, GRACIE‘s talented performers set the stage for lead vocalist Grace to enter with an understated soulfulness comparable to the likes of Erykah Badu, later swinging into a spiky yet mellow chorus delivered with funky aplomb and the bright energy of a young Jennifer Lopez.

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The musical talent of GRACIE is not to be taken lightly, succeeding in writing in complex music that sits comfortably next door to Neo-Soul legend Robert Glasper, yet there is an exciting accessibility to GRACIE‘s music that makes for easy listening. Catchy hooks, a fleshy jazz bassline, glowing keys and a solid groove are settled in punchy rhythms that accentuate a potent topline.

There’s no questioning the capability of producer George Moore either, delivering a solid and bright mix that truly captures the warm essence of ‘Confessions’.
GRACIE is the name to remember, make sure you keep an ear out for their Debut EP set for release July 2017.

You can listen to ‘Confessions’ by GRACIE here:

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