CARO unveil ferocious new track, ‘Closet Lunatic’

 CARO‘s new track ‘Closet Lunatic’ is a ferocious yet precise exploration of the ‘self’, delivered through tense, wired guitars and a jagged rhythm section.

Ah, the self. That weird feeling you get when you devour an entire jar of peanut butter in one sitting and start contemplating your place in the universe?  That’s your self, creeping up on you to ruin your day. It’s an entity we’ve all got to deal with, and a target for artists universally. This time, CARO have a swing at their own ‘selfs’ with their twisted new track, ‘Closet Lunatic’

CARO have certainly had a busy year following the release of their last single, ‘Cold Comfort’, having performed at Huw Stephens Presents in Soho, Neighbourhood Festival in Manchester, and being featured in session with Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6.

Kicking off with swirling synthesisers and an exceptionally jarring fill from drummer Bryn Jenkins, ‘Closet Lunatic’ launches into a boiling groove, sitting at the edge of its seat. The tension delivered by CARO is well crafted, and a kind nod to other alternative artists who achieve near-robotic rhythmic precision, such as Alt-J and Foals. 


‘Closet Lunatic’ is a musical Gollum, throwing itself between an aggressive personality and a discomforting softness, before climaxing in a mess of driven bass and sharp, blinking guitars. CARO‘s alternative identity is fully asserted in ‘Closet Lunatic’, as the trio flawlessly tackles the full creative process from production to artwork.

Listen to ‘Closet Lunatic’ by CARO here:

Don’t miss your chance to see CARO this summer, performing at the following dates;

19th May – Brighton
The Great Escape Festival:
The Black Lion, 8.15pm

20th May – Leeds
Gold Sounds Festival, Brudenell Social Club

31st May – Leeds
The Lending Room

Follow CARO online here:

Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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