Vulgarians release their second EP, ‘Almost-Instinct, Almost True’

Hull based Post-Punk act Vulgarians follow up on their intense and erratic sound with their second EP, the manic ‘Almost-Instinct, Almost True’

Post-Punk music is experiencing a renaissance in the UK right now thanks to the widely successful duo Slaves, and as a Public Image Ltd geek, I couldn’t be more grateful.

While Slaves are holding it down in the South of England, Vulgarians are leading the post-punk charge here in the North with a distinctly filthy sound. Raw, untempered guitars tied down by overwhelming drums, accompanied by snarling vocals and gravelly bass. Vulgarians sound is unchained and rabid, particularly on their latest release ‘Almost-Instinct, Almost True’

The roots of Vulgarians lie firmly within their home town of Hull – a city whose musical heritage is sometimes unjustly overlooked. In the past they have gained fan support from The Wytches, Baby In Vain and Weirds, with Kristian Bell of The Wytches personally inviting Vulgarians to be their tour support in late 2015 and now in early 2017 too.

Compared to their debut ‘Life’s Successful Death’, which was released just under a year ago, Vulgarians have refined their sound even further, as frontman Ryan Wilson-Preen quips;

“There is certainly more clarity and quality to the songs we wrote [for their new EP]. I never thought we would write ‘Hands Around The Waste’. We’ve started bringing more ideas to the table – not that there is any differing approach to songwriting, but there are more pauses for what’s next.”

While there’s certainly an improvement in quality, you’d have to disagree with clarity- Vulgarians sound is more anarchistic than ever, particularly ‘Hands Around The Waste’, where Vulgarians capture a terrifically confused bit of magic only achieved by Hardcore icons Black Flag.

18268173_1312555535458901_3060796966744506804_n (1)

While the sound is comparable to the No-Wave scene in the US, there’s a particular British-ness to Wilson-Preen’s lyricism, described by WP as being “the musical version of The Royle Family,”. There’s a surreal pastiche of British culture within the words of ‘Hands Around The Waste’, as Vulgarians explore the dark stories recalled by a taxi driver. Vulgarians portrait of life in Hull is delivered with an exhausted mania, the sort of dramatics you’d also find in Idles, another up-and-coming act carrying the Post-Punk flag.

In just three tracks, Vulgarians assert a visceral identity tailored to the masochists among us, featuring a vulgar adaption of Krautrock in ‘Of Humdrum Consumption’, the shivering ‘Career Dietary’ and the filthy ‘Hands Around The Waste’‘Almost Instinct, Almost True’ is a grimy insight into the obscene minds of Vulgarians.


Listen to Almost Instinct, Almost True’, the latest EP from Vulgarians on Spotify here:

Also available on iTunes and Soundcloud

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Don’t miss your chance to catch Vulgarians live on their Headline tour on the following dates:

May 10th – Headrow House, Leeds

May 11th – Soup Kitchen, Manchester

May 12th – Picture House, Sheffield

May 13th – The Priory, Glasgow

May 16th – Full Moon Club, Cardiff

May 18th-20th – The Great Escape, Brighton

May 22nd – Crofter’s Rights, Bristol

May 23rd – Old Blue Last, London

May 26th – The Polar Bear, Hull

May 27th – Rock City Basement, Nottingham



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