Garage Rock band ‘Life Aquatic Band’ release ‘Sassy’s Revenge’

‘Sassy’s Revenge’ is a groovy lo-fi treat from Sheffield‘s own Life Aquatic Band.

Though fresh faced and trendy, Life Aquatic Band have been riding the nostalgic wave of Classic Soul and Psychedelia for a good while now. Pinching their sound from current Garage Rock heroes White Denim and King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardL.A.B deliver a fizzy and fresh new party tune straight out of the rotor cabinet.

Starring a spiky Piccolo flute solo, punchy drums and keys that beep along to the groove, L.A.B bounce into a warm spiky chorus accompanied by twee vocals. ‘Sassy’s Revenge’ stretches its sound between lo-fi party anthems and psychedelic funk.

Life Aquatic Band have captured my heart with ‘Sassy’s Revenge’, this is the band I want to play at my birthday party. Be sure to catch their Debut EP titled ‘Dog Party Weekend’, released May 25th, and currently available for pre-order on iTunes here

Listen to ‘Sassy’s Revenge’ by Life Aquatic Band here:

Follow Life Aquatic online here:

Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud




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