Ben Brown debuts with emotive new single, ‘Walked Away’

Ben Brown, singer-songwriter from North West London, tells the story of a one night stand turning to a sour romance through cleverly crafted lyrics and emotive songwriting.

Ever had a brief fling turn into something more, and then get a little out of hand? We’ve all been there, including 20 year old singer-songwriter Ben Brown, who’ll tell you all about it in ‘Walked Away’

Ben’s talent as a songwriter and musician is satisfying and mature, clearly considering he first picked up a classical guitar at the age of 7 and has been through several phases since, varying from rock bands influenced by Oasis and Guns n Roses to a stint as a choir boy in school.

However, Ben came into his own as a songwriter after discovering Ed Sheeran and Newton Faulkner, two artists Ben’s candid music shares a kindred spirit with. Ben has been featured on several podcasts, as well as performing for Sofar Sounds in London

‘Walked Away’ not only impresses with vivid and descriptive verses, but also shines with polished synthesisers grafted with clear, technical guitar work. There’s a serious pop-sheen to ‘Walked Away’ that would be well placed in today’s Top 40.

You can listen to ‘Walked Away’ here:

‘Walked Away’ is available on Amazon and iTunes

Follow Ben Brown online:

Facebook // Twitter


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