PREVIEW: Salèmango Day Festival (1/2)

Welcome to our 2-part preview of Salèmango Day Festival! 

We’re taking a look at the Leeds-based DIY Collective Tight Lines and several of their collaborators to chat about the new festival, perceptions of Jazz, collaboration, and figure out what it is the Tight Lines collective are all about.

What is a Salèmango exactly? Reptilian fruit? What does Salèmango mean?

To the wavily-inclined amongst us, Salèmango means Tight Lines are capping off a tremendous debut year with an all-day festival at Hyde Park Book Club on the 8th June (Election Day, by the way!). Salèmango is an event that promises to show off the best the Hyde Park arts scene has to offer, with performances from the likes of DULAHLI and Morpher, DJ appearances from the likes of collectives Endless City and SLUT DROP, and an extensive list of artists such as Hesperis and Ozbox providing visuals and experiences for the Hyde Park hedonists to relish in. Salèmango Day Festival is set to be a celebration of all things Art, and to Tight Lines, it’s a celebration of a truly momentous year.


Birthed out of the ‘Wavey Garms’ generation, Tight Lines are at the forefront of a DIY Art movement taking place in Leeds. In just one year, they’ve locked themselves down as a mainstay at The East Village with their anything-goes Jam Night, given bands like Garde Dog and Skwid Ink platforms to spread their intoxicating sound through filmed live sessions and organised Chill Withers, a distinctive art gallery/rave hybrid. All these ambitions have been approached with a relaxed anything-goes attitude that could only be developed in Hyde Park, the student-jungle of Leeds.

“I’d describe [Tight Lines] as a collective that put on events which make an effort to bind different artistic communities together and film sessions that provide a platform for emerging local artists.” says Will Lakin, key member of Tight Lines.
Will finds himself not only involved with the co-ordination of Tight Lines events, but also as a guitarist in several of the acts performing at Salèmango, namely DULAHLI, Skwid Ink and Garde Dog, all acts heavily influenced by Jazz music. However, despite the influence, there’s an aversion to the title of ‘Jazz Collective’, as Will comments “I think when you say Jazz, it puts an image in people’s heads which really doesn’t represent us so we tend to stay away from it… I think people imagine Jazz to be pretentious, exclusive and intellectual. The bands performing at Salèmango are definitely not exclusive or pretentious, it might be intellectual at times but never past the point of accessibility”

Tight Lines is a very welcome umbrella over Garde Dog, Skwid Ink and Tetes De Pois. It’s great to have so many creative minds working together to provide a platform to work from and bring together a community we all care about. It’s niche enough to attract people who deeply care about the same genres but also wide enough to show a lot of people a good time! Salèmango is exactly this, a big fat party bringing together our bands and ideals alongside the finest collectives and collaborators the Leeds DIY scene has to offer”Sam Carty of Garde Dog

The crux of Tight Lines growth over the last year has been collaboration. Working with a variety of collectives, from the cutting edge electronic collective 8mana to the feminist Arts and DJ collective SLUT DROP. It’s not just one team, it’s contributions from a vast array of Hyde Park-based artists that come together for good times and good vibes, providing opportunities for fresher acts like Necktr to push their sound.

Tight Lines have helped us out massively over the past year, and have opened up doors and opportunities for us through putting us on at their events and releasing our music. Salèmango is gonna be a culmination of the hard work they’ve poured into the Leeds music scene over the past year, and it’s gonna be a blast to play with some of our best mates and the best musicians Leeds has to offer!” – Necktr

Will Lakin agrees with Necktr‘s sentiment, believing the encouragement Tight Lines provides to ambitious artists to be the pride of Tight Lines “I was having a conversation with someone a while back and they said ‘Tight Lines Jam has really given me the confidence to get playing again.’ It doesn’t really get much more rewarding than that… Tight Lines Jam was essentially set up to provide a jamming space where there was no cock measuring contests. It’s about encouraging people to get up and make music whatever their ability or preferred style, which is why we give a beer to everyone who does!”

“I think collaboration in Leeds is a big thing simply because there’s a lot of young people here who are really proactive and wanna’ get their stuff seen and heard,” says Will Lakin. “There’s a music college, an art college, a dance college and a couple of universities in what is quite a small city”.

Salèmango Day Festival promises to be a celebration of collaboration. the sort of collaboration that drives movements across the globe. There’s a drive in Tight Lines to be distinctive through being genuine, as Will Lakin notes on the acts playing Salèmango “the first thing that pops into my head is how lovely everyone is. Aside from that, the quality of composition and performance across the festival is pretty outstanding. What’s special is how much member-overlap there is, yet such a diversity of sound. I think it represents the Leeds music scene really honestly.”

Come back to Dirty Boots tomorrow for Part 2 of our Salèmango preview, where we’ll be taking a look at all the acts performing. For now, here’s a tasty poster


Salèmango is a day festival taking place on the 8th of June at Hyde Park Book Club, combining visual arts with music performances from the likes of DULAHLI, Tetes De Pois and Necktr. Tickets are FREE and are available here:

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