PREVIEW: Salèmango Day Festival (2/2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Salèmango Day Festival preview! If you missed Part 1, go check it out HERE to find out a little bit more about Tight Lines and what to expect from Salèmango.

Right now though, we’re going to be taking a look at all the acts performing at Salèmango, a FREE all-day festival being held at Hyde Park Book Club this Thursday (8th June). If you’re already interested, tickets are available here:

If you still need convincing, we’ve provided a handy guide to the bands playing Salèmango Day Festival, check it out.


From Headrow to Croatia, Future Soul producer DULAHLI has taken his spaced-out Jazz sound to astronomical heights recently after recruiting live talents to form an electrified four-piece, employing wonky rhythms, flashy textures and fluid guitars – a hellacious mesh of electronic and analogue noise.

DULAHLI’s managed to land himself spots supporting the likes of MNDSGN, Samiyam and even performing at Soundwave Croatia this year.

“Tight Lines’ is a really special community and movement which is growing in Leeds. You feel part of the community just by attending a show. It has been giving a platform for a lot of talented/creative people to be heard. The most exciting prospect to TL is what it can and will become. Salèmango is the first Tight Lines event that DULAHLI will play so we are all mad excited to bring some mad shit.Anthony Phelan a.k.a DULAHLI

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Funk Hop? Hip Funk? I dunno. But I like it.

Extraordinarily chill dudes Garde Dog take to Salèmango, bringing their inebriated live hip-hop sound to a familiar Tight Lines audience. Garde Dog’s style of funk sits somewhere between J Dilla and The Roots. Diverse and talented, but opting for stumbling beats beneath a stripped-back soundset. Expect the unexpected from Garde Dog, known for their surprise collaborations with the floaty Bea Fletcher of The Golden Age of TV and Zealey of 8mana.

“Expect lazy grooves and dirty beats with some experimental noise thrown in. Also a few tasty features from a few tasty mates…”Sam Carty, Guitarist and Known Cannibal

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What better way to celebrate the musical culture of Hyde Park, than with Hyde Park‘s very own Hyde Park Brass? HPB bring the best street party vibes that a brass band can offer, taking the festivities all around the world from Latin America to New Orleans.

When has a brass band ever been a bad idea? Never, that’s when. I’d like HPB to play my funeral, but that’s not important right now. Go see ’em.

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More wacked-out Space Jazz. This time with Saxophones.

Do you remember those Toxic Waste sweets? The ones that were so sour, they advertised themselves as being an actual risk to your health and safety? I’m beginning to think the Hyde Park jazz-scene owes a lot to the sourness of those sweets, and no band on theSalèmango line-up comes closer to the sensation of having your face implode than Morpher.

See what I mean? Morpher‘s style is absolutely gut-wrenching and acidic

We’re excited since we’ve completely reworked and revamped our live set to be the wonkiest, spaciest, edgiest contemporary shit you’ve ever seen….also free beer and our mums will be there” – Morpher

Good lads.
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In the midst of a Soul music renaissance comes the sweet sound of Necktr, a 9-piece act boasting a vast array of sounds drawn from Afrobeat, all the way to Ambient. Necktr are setting the standard for the Modern Soul sound in England, their accomplishments earned with support from Tight Lines. Necktr comment, “Tight Lines have helped us out massively over the past year, and have opened up doors and opportunities for us through putting us on at their events and releasing our music.”.

“Definitely expect a set full of banging grooves, touching soul and a bit of grit mixed in there as well.”Necktr

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Têtes de Pois

I don’t know what I’m more impressed with- the sheer talent of the musicians performing at this festival, or the ingenious band names amongst them.

Têtes de Pois (which is French for Pea Heads) are a multi-vibed act comprised of 8 talents. ‘TDP’ have been at the forefront of the Tight Lines charge over the last 12 months, packing out shows at The East Village, LS6 and an intimate private performance at Cafe 164, later venturing down south to London for a couple shows. TDP have a terrific set of talents amongst them with brilliant chemistry that makes for easy grooves, deep vibes and good times that can tickle anyone’s earbuds.

Even better, TDP are currently in the running to play Love Supreme festival this year. For more deets about how you can vote for them, click HERE

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Skwid Ink

Skwid Ink, an old school jazz quartet with a refreshingly weird approach. Blending the classical noodling styles of Wes Montgomery and the cinematic style of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Skwid Ink‘s sound is ostensibly progressive yet delivered with funky aplomb. There’s an edgy humour to Skwid Ink‘s character, partly attributed to the groovy gowns worn by the band, but there’s still just enough intellectuality to feel like you’re still learning something. Twinkly Pianos and wah-ed up noodly Bass, Skwid Ink make for a fun experience dressed in ironic nobility.

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That’s not all the music available! I’m just one man, and there’s so much going on at Salèmango!

Production company The Rhino Sessions are curating their own stage and have invited an eclectic selection of musicians to perform, namely;

Thomas Harvey, Esme Bridie, Lily Amelia, Liam Jary, Joe Knight, Silver Wilson, Mehalah Ray, Niall O’Connor and Caitlin Stubbs.

DJ’s will also be spinning tracks all day and night. Expect appearances from;

8MANA (Zealey, Phrixus and Moegli), Brudenell Groove, Endless City, Glug Glug, Permahigh (Mike Drones and Us & It) and SLUT DROP.

Amongst all this will be live visual experiences provided by a vast selection of artists, such as; Ozbox, Hesperis, Yonica Zine, Retail Situation, Chloe KM, Great Not Hate, Melt Trip, Suzy Cichy.



Salèmango is a day festival taking place on the 8th of June at Hyde Park Book Club, combining visual arts with music performances from the likes of DULAHLI, Tetes De Pois and Necktr. Tickets are FREE and are available here:

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Join the Salèmango discussion HERE


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