Miss Idele debuts with sumptuous new single ‘More to Life’

London-based Soul artist Miss Idele provides positive insights and good vibes in her spectacular new single, ‘More to Life’

It’s certainly been a turbulent four weeks, hm? Elections, exams, attacks, and one day of sunshine to see us through the year. Thank god for Miss Idele, who reminds us there’s ‘More to Life’ and to count our blessings. Cheers Idele.

‘More to Life’ is the sumptuous and shiny new single from London-based Soul singer Miss Idele, a fresh face on the soul scene. ‘More to Life’ is an exemplary bit of modern soul performed by a terrific set of talents in guitarist Pete Woodin, drummer Chloe Burke, bassist Tim Pabifio, and keyboardist Joel Robinson. The talents of Miss Idele and her band are masterfully captured by producer Joel Johnston who enhances the sunshine-soul sound of ‘More to Life’. The efforts of Miss Idele and her team have produced an ultimately uplifting and fulfilling tune released just in time for summer.

Miss Idele describes her motives for writing ‘More to Life’;

“‘More to Life'(MTL) talks about appreciating the good things in life when things don’t seem to be going the right way. Initially ‘MTL’ was written about someone else, but as the months went by I realised that the song applied to me too. I was gong through a rough patch and all I saw was darkness, I failed to see the brighter things like my loving friends around me. Thankfully, I had created ‘More to life’, a medicine that helped me heal.” – Miss Idele


Indeed, ‘More to Life’ is a palette cleanser in a time of uncertainty. Miss Idele insists on peace, good times and urges you to escape isolation. ‘More to Life’ is a splendid ray of warm sunshine, and more so sonically due to the presumptuous arrangement that pleasantly resolves on a warm and open chorus delivered by Miss Idele and Co. with great confidence and maturity. Also the outro is fucking great, fair play.

Listen to ‘More to Life’ by Miss Idele here:

Follow Miss Idele online:



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