Listen to ‘Ophelia’, the latest single from George Taylor

George Taylor hits refresh on the Singer/Songwriter brand with latest single ‘Ophelia’

Singer/songwriter is a term a lot of people roll their eyes at these days, and not too unnecessarily either. Constant waves of over-emotive chords and lyrics from every open mic celebrity have worn us down over the years, desensitising us from an entire corner of music and adding that unfortunate stigma to every artist under that banner. However, it’s equally important to recognise the artists who are getting it very right indeed.

London-based George Taylor is one of those rare examples of an innovative, creative force keeping the Singer/songwriter tag interesting.  Turning heads with a steady stream of singles released over the last 12 months, George‘s debut release ‘Give It Up’ secured him a publishing deal with Warner Chappell after the track amassed over 2 million streams in just a couple of months. Zane Lowe then went on to premiere the latest Spotify-supported single ‘I Hear Your Song, Sweetness’ on Beats 1.

Ophelia - Packshot HR.jpg

His shimmering new single ‘Ophelia’, self-released on the 30th of June, has an eerie intrigue that makes it impossible to put down. Sitting delightfully between Nick Mulveys’ subtle guitar intricacy’s and Hoziers thumping sound-sculpture, Taylor creates a very individual space for himself on the musical map.

Speaking on ‘Ophelia’, George Taylor writes Ophelia is a song I wrote after a girl I knew was very sadly sectioned and had to spend some time in hospital, thankfully she has since fully recovered. After visiting the hospital it was something I felt I had to write about as it gave me a much clearer insight on the issues surrounding mental health, and the stigma that comes with it.”

Listen to ‘Ophelia’ by George Taylor here:

There’s something delicately, gritty in the way the plucked guitar tumbles through the verse and, as the chorus hits, the polished wall of sound shines through. This song is a furious, self-searching trudge across a beautiful landscape. Stomping along next to you are Taylors weighty backing vocals, murky, distorted guitar lines and a solid kick/snare combo holding up the tension.

Words by Sam Carty

Follow George Taylor online:

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