‘Different Types of Love’ – The New EP from LELO

Introducing LELO, the freshest face on the UK Dream-Pop scene. You might have caught our write-up on his debut single ‘HOME’ just a few weeks back. Well, LELO‘s new EP has finally hit the scene, titled ‘Different Types of Love’


Blending airy vocals, warm guitars, powerful rhythms and potent synthscapes, LELO crafts a serene soundworld with a maturity that matches his contemporaries in Indie and Shoegaze influenced acts such as Real Estate, The Smashing Pumpkins and even The 1975

LELO‘s journey as an artist began behind-the-skins as the drummer for Lone Guns, a unique Indie outfit based in Leeds that earned a significant reach in the North of England. After Lone Guns parted ways, LELO took charge of his own destiny and began producing his debut EP, ‘Different Types of Love’


“Releasing this EP means I’ve wiped the slate clean. Got everything off my chest. It means emotions. Happiness, sadness, love, loss, fear and forgiveness.

The story is me. Simply. My life and my experiences.” – LELO

‘Different Types of Love’ is a heartfelt confession from LELO, characterised by solemn lyrics about loss and anxiety juxtaposed against broad and at times overwhelmingly colourful aural portraits. Tracks such as ‘RAIN’ are defined by their blissful lucidity and a sense of moving with no clear destination. The application of space and ambience amongst traditional indie rock tropes clarify LELO‘s position as a well-developed Dreampop artist in the same bracket as Kate Bush or China Crisis.

Follow LELO online here:

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Listen to ‘Different Types of Love here:



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