Listen to ‘What I Wanted to Hold’, the debut from Folk-Pop act Florist

New York folk-pop band Florist have released debut single ‘What I Wanted
to Hold’ from their upcoming album ‘If Blue Could Be Happiness’, out on
Double Double Whammy on 29th September 2017.

Simultaneously nostalgic and hopeful, ‘What I Wanted to Hold’ explores
life’s transience. Drawing parallels between place, time, and human
connection, listeners are invited to get lost in songwriter Emily
Sprague‘s past and delve into their own. The track slides seamlessly
between past, present, and future, encompassing past lives and loves,
places long-gone, and future longings, all the while sustaining a sense
of wonder. Slow-moving but spanning decades, ‘What I Wanted to Hold’
confronts life’s most persistent challenge – to accept change – with
grace and tranquillity.


Following last year’s ‘The Birds Outside Sang’, ‘If Blue Could Be Happiness’
is Florist’s sophomore full length album. Releasing on 29th September
2017, the record is available to preorder from Double Double Whammy here

Listen to ‘What I Wanted To Hold’ here:

Follow Florist online here:

Facebook // Twitter


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