Check out Household Dogs biting new single, ‘Is This All’

Alt-Rockers Household Dogs latest single ‘Is This All’ proves to be more bite than bark.

FFO: Clint Eastwood, Hozier, Alt-J

It’s bonfire night here in Leeds, and the exterior of my house sounds more like a Gunfight than a celebration. Luckily, I’ve got Household Dogs new single on repeat to make my evening feel more like Once Upon A Time In The West than The Damned United.

Household Dogs are relatively fresh on the Leeds scene having only surfaced just this year with their debut single ‘Basement 7’, a haunting track packed with the swagger and atmosphere of a classic western. ‘The Dogs’ look to further establish their spaghetti western sound with ‘Is This All’, a snappy number with candid lyrics and a driving rhythm section.


‘Is This All’ is an exhilarating track packed with acceleration and brief moments of free-fall. The verses are tense with anticipation, building towards a wonderfully crafted chorus that would give Hozier a run for their money. It really is the chorus of ‘Is This All’ that takes the cake, Household Dogs deliver a blunt yet biting hook through clenched teeth, declaring the finality of an ordeal.

Listen to ‘Is This All’ by Household Dogs here

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Words by Drew Dwards



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